See Jules Review: The (extremely complicated) second tallest building in South America

I almost named this post something about how Andy would make a good arms smuggler but changed my mind in case the government failed to see the humor in it. Still, last summer in Colombia while sightseeing in Bogotá, we accidentally discovered that he might have a knack for it – despite massive amounts of security measures meant to prohibit such things. Continue reading

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Extra Snapshots: Dubai edition

I’m feeling a little sad and a little jealous this morning. Before the sun was up, I took Andy to the airport. He won’t be gone long – just three short weeks – but he’s headed to a country that I’d love to visit and it’s hard to think about the fact that if I wasn’t six months pregnant I’d get to go there too. Overall, I’m not too bummed, but an airport goodbye combined with pregnancy hormones combined with not really liking being pregnant all makes me feel a little stuck. Continue reading

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Foreign Findings: One souk, two souk, old souk, new souk

As you might have guessed, the fact that I’m growing two little human beings inside of me (both girls!) means that I won’t be traveling any time soon. Still, even though my passport will be on hiatus for a bit, my blog is gearing up for some serious catch-up action. I have a whopping 27 unpublished posts in my blog’s “draft” folder and countless more in my head from all my past travels. Continue reading

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Foreign Findings: An experiment in the way we travel

This post is about our recent jaunt to Jamaica, not about Nicaragua… but I’m going to open by telling you about a conversation that took place years ago between my sister and her then-boyfriend, Oscar, a native Nicaraguan who, at the time, had never been to the United States. In this conversation, Oscar casually mentioned that it was his impression that Americans were open-minded, curious, adventurous and free-spirited… maybe a little lacking in personal hygiene, but overall they were okay in his book. Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been: My take on our quick trip to Jamaica (aka the babymoon)

There are several things I’m hoping you’ll forgive about this post. The first is the use of the term, babymoon. I think this term, which signifies the last vacation before a baby (or babies in our case) arrives, is charming but I know a lot of people find obnoxious. To my credit, I rarely use other terms that fall into the eye-roll inducing category; I’ve never in my life said totes, b-t-dubs or referred to my husband as my hubby. Ever. Therefore, I’m giving myself a pass on the whole babymoon thing. Continue reading

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Friday’s Five Favorite Things: About the romance of travel

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d put together a list of the five most romantic parts about traveling with someone you love. For all of you out there who are against Valentine’s Day or just love in general, you should skip this post because it’s bound to make you gag. For the rest of you, read on and enjoy! Continue reading

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Really, really big news and the real reason I went to Boardman

Back in November, I wrote about my upcoming trip to Boardman, Oregon. Boardman isn’t exactly on par with some of my more exciting trips and after my little rant about how it was really inconvenient to get there, some of you might have wondered, “Why bother?” I couldn’t tell you at the time, but the thing is, I had some really, really big news to tell Andy.
Continue reading

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Extra snapshots: Philippines edition

Sifting through photos for my last post on some of the mysteriously random pictures I’ve taken made me realize how many photos and little tidbits I’ve yet to put up on this blog. No, I didn’t find too many more mysterious ones, just ones that don’t have quite enough of a story surrounding them to warrant a full blog post. So today’s their day… well, at least for the ones I have from the Philippines. Continue reading

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Travel Fail: Phantom blog posts

Since starting this blog, my photos have gotten a lot weirder. A quick peak at my Flickr photostream will prove that; there are some truly random pictures in there. Some of the photos are strange but interesting and even though I’ve yet to find a use for them in a blog post, I still see their merit. Then there are the other random ones that were taken for less obvious reason. Those are where the real mystery lies – the mystery of the photos linked to never-to-be written, phantom blog posts. Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been: Having a flashback

Last year, around this exact time, I was sitting on a hotel balcony on a little island off of mainland Honduras. The sun was setting, the air smelled like that magical Central American mix between good food and bad exhaust and I was craning my neck so I could pick up WiFi but still have my phone cord reach my room outlet. The reason I was on my phone? This blog.
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