See Jules Review: Speelgoedmuseum Mechelen (Mechelen Toy Museum)

One time in Prague, my sister and I were faced with a tough decision: spend part of our very limited budget on admission to some culturally relevant museum or instead, check out a traveling Barbie exhibit. We picked the latter and never regretted it once. After all, one can always go back to Prague but who knows when another traveling Barbie exhibit will cross your path.

This is me, in Prague. Who needs an expensive museum when you have these views. (Czech Republic circa 2004)

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Travel Fail: The wild extremes of a traveling family (part II)

(This is continued from yesterday’s post.)

Okay friends, it’s time to shatter yesterday’s illusion of us being the family who always has it together. Gotta keep the blog real, I suppose.

I can hear it now, yesterday’s story, being mentioned to folks on the island who are standing in utter disbelief. “No!” they’d say. “That’s not the same family we saw. We’re sure of it. You must be thinking of someone else, someone else entirely.” Then, those folks would tell the tale of the family they saw a few days before, on the ferry ride to the island… Continue reading

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Travel Triumph: The wild extremes of the traveling family (part I)

Travel is like real life, but condensed. The highs are higher and the lows are lower. One minute you’re skipping along, on top of the world and the next, a stranger is cursing at you while you wipe his spit off your face. Lady travel is a fickle mistress, she always has been, even before kids. Her fickleness did, however, seem a bit amplified with twin babies in tow.

Twins sleeping in Panama

Travel can also be tiring, fickle and tiring.

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Friday’s Five Favorite Things: About going to places you know nothing about (i.e. what I liked about Mechelen, Belgium)

A long time ago, the moonlight hit Mechelen’s St. Rumbold’s tower in such a way that made some drunk guy think it was on fire. In his liquored up state he rallied the townspeople to come help put out the fire, or, if you will, put out the moon.

Here is Andy and Millie with that same tower some years later.

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Travel Triumph: We did another trip! Travel Fail: I failed to tell my blog readers

Here is the conversation I’ve been dreading. I’ve played it out a million times in my head and now the time has come to start an open dialog about it. Here goes nothing.

Me: We’re back!

You: What? From where?

Me: Opps. I guess I’ve been a little MIA. We went to Europe.

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Travel Triumph: We made it back in one piece!

We all survived our first international trip with the twins.

And let me tell you… Survival. Was. A. Feat.

Julie with twins on Taboga Island

A big, beautiful, busy, tropical feat.

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Where I’m Headed: Panama!

Yep, it’s official. We are headed out into the world on our first trip with the twins. Since we had the girls, Panama has been on my mind as a viable first trip option if nothing came up with Andy’s work. Well, nothing has come up with Andy’s work and I just couldn’t stop myself when I found round trip airfare for under $400 (and lap babies almost fly free). Are we crazy for wanting to take two babies on a trip? Maybe, but I’m okay with that. Continue reading

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See Jules Pack: Dubai

I started this post before I’d even left for Dubai but never got around to posting it. While it’s not exactly relevant to me at the moment I think it’s still worth putting it out there in the bloggosphere in case anyone else is planning a trip to the UAE and wondering what to pack. Here’s what I learned. Continue reading

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All that went on in a year and a half (and our latest MRI results)

It’s been about a year and a half since Andy’s surgery. It feels like a lot more than that. A lot can change in a year. Actually, in the summer of 2013 we learned a lot can change in just two months. Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been: At the passport photo place

The government wants to know how tall the twins are. Someone get me a ruler!

Years ago, on the evening before our first trip to Europe, my friend Jen and I drove around downtown Portland looking for a little passport photo shop that her brother had told us about. I had some sort of student ID card that would give me discounts while I was traveling, but it needed a passport-sized photo. “It’s right after you cross the bridge,” he’d said. What bridge? We weren’t sure. Jen and I weren’t from Portland; we never found it. Years later I was driving down Broadway after I’d crossed the bridge by the same name and I saw it.

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