See Jules Pack: Dubai

I started this post before I’d even left for Dubai but never got around to posting it. While it’s not exactly relevant to me at the moment I think it’s still worth putting it out there in the bloggosphere in case anyone else is planning a trip to the UAE and wondering what to pack. Here’s what I learned. Continue reading

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All that went on in a year and a half (and our latest MRI results)

It’s been about a year and a half since Andy’s surgery. It feels like a lot more than that. A lot can change in a year. Actually, in the summer of 2013 we learned a lot can change in just two months. Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been: At the passport photo place

The government wants to know how tall the twins are. Someone get me a ruler!

Years ago, on the evening before our first trip to Europe, my friend Jen and I drove around downtown Portland looking for a little passport photo shop that her brother had told us about. I had some sort of student ID card that would give me discounts while I was traveling, but it needed a passport-sized photo. “It’s right after you cross the bridge,” he’d said. What bridge? We weren’t sure. Jen and I weren’t from Portland; we never found it. Years later I was driving down Broadway after I’d crossed the Fremont Bridge and I saw it.
Continue reading

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My life lately and why it feels weird to update my blog

I have exactly one recurring dream. The overall gist of the dream is that I’ve procrastinated hard for a science project and instead of facing the music I keep skipping the class to the point where I have no choice but to drop it. I don’t like to delve into what dreams mean but this one seems pretty obvious – I’ve been putting off something that needs addressing. Continue reading

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They’re here!

I apologize ahead of time for this post in case it seems disjointed; I’m a little sleep deprived these days. Why? Because the twins have arrived! I know this is a travel blog and not a mom blog, but these little monsters represent the biggest journey of my life so far and that’s travel related enough for me. Continue reading

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Extra Snapshots: Cartagena edition (by sea)

I’ve mentioned before that I document our trips by making Shutterfly books. I love these books, but it’s funny, after I order a book, I’m never initially all that excited. Sure, I glance at the pages to see if anything major when wrong, but then I put it down. I blame my temporary lack of excitement on their outrageously unrealistic deadlines for their fantastic discounts. Continue reading

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Tiny Travel Tale: My sister has a dirty mouth

Eating a cockroach in Cambodia

Oh no she didn’t!

Okay, so her language isn’t really all that bad, but just look at what she’s eaten. I mentioned the cockroach cuisine in yesterday’s post and afterward she sent me the pictures.

She was on a bus in Cambodia when her and her Vietnamese friend noticed a girl snacking on a bag full of them. Then, as luck would have it, the girl offered to share her snack. The proper way to eat a grilled cockroach, apparently, is to pull off the head and legs and pop it in your mouth, so my sister did just that… albeit not without a bit of hesitation. Continue reading

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Travel (blog) Fail: Lots of beginnings without any endings

When I was just six years old, I got my first diary. It was a Ramona Quimby diary with lots of writing prompts aimed at bringing out the creative genius of your average first grader. Looking back, I’m not sure if mine did more than just highlight my terrible spelling. Still, the diary is cute; I wrote about my friends, my family and the fact that my wolf howling impression was dead on. Continue reading

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Friday’s Five Favorite Things: Artwork on Guatapé’s buildings edition

I’m so stir crazy!

Sometimes life just doesn’t do happy mediums. I’ve spent the last few months bored out of my mind, physically unable to do very much because of my twin pregnancy. It’s like some kind of sick joke; here I am, unable to do much except twiddle my thumbs when in less than two months I will undoubtedly be busier and more exhausted than ever. If only I could trade some of that busy with some of this boredom and when the time comes, visa versa. But, time doesn’t work that way so here I sit, bored and stir crazy. Continue reading

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Foreign Findings: Shot nerves and street performers

I once saw a street performing fire dancer in Nicaragua get burned. I want to say she was maybe European and she was probably just bumming around Central America as some sort of fire dancing apprentice of sorts. She was clearly in the process of learning the tricks of the trade: twirling batons, doing stunts, charming crowds, and she was trying to do it the safe way first, aka sans fire. But then, cheers from a devil-may care crowd interfered with her good reason and she lit her baton and burned her arm. You could see it had hurt a lot and you could also see she was unhappy with her reckless decision to heed the peer pressure of the crowd. Continue reading

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